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Netflix’s Original October Faction – Review

It’s March again and some of us are still in lockdown. After a year, I thought I had binged all I would want to binge on Netflix but I was wrong. Earlier this week Netflix gave me a suggestion for one of their original series by the title October Faction. For all the comic book […]

#onemillionwords Update Week 8

Look at that, it’s an actual #onemillionword update posted on Friday and everything. We are now at the end of week 8 which almost lines up with the end of February. A month that I am all too happy to say a proper farewell to. Over here in New England we’ve seen a lot of […]

The World’s Revolution: A Climate Crisis Anthology Kickstarter

Climate change. The issue everyone is aware of but very few people ever mention outside of a political debate. C.D. Tavenor and other indie authors have started a project to change that. The World’s Revolution: A Climate Crisis Anthology was started with the goal to ‘inspire to explore the intersection of the human condition and […]

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