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Graveyard Visits

#onemillionwords 2021 Week 12

What’s a writer to do when the well starts to run dry? Spend hours googling writing prompts, it seems. This whole writing well running dry thing has been a huge problem with at least two of my projects during #onemillionwords 2021. These projects are made up of several short stories. For my Keeper Chronicles project, […]

#onemillionwords 2021 Week 11

11 weeks in and I am still very beyond on my word count as well as these updates. My word count and productivity levels look like a rollercoaster if they were charted out and I’ve been wondering why. I guess the ‘why’ probably goes back to the pandemic, like most things do these days. After […]

SUMMONED by J.P Jackson – Review

Nothing gets me hooked faster than a fully envisioned urban fantasy world with a societal structure outside the human norm. J.P. Jackson’s soon-to-be-published novel SUMMONED has just that. SUMMONED is slated to be published on Monday, April 19th by NineStar Press and we were lucky enough to grab ourselves an ARC while we could. SUMMONED […]

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