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Graveyard Visits

#onemillionwords 2021 Week 3

I’m trash at consistency it seems. I’ve set up multiple trackers for #onemillionwords. Each project has been set up individually on the NaNoWriMo website. I have a monthly tracker for each project in my bullet journal as well as a tracker on each project in 4thewords which is where I write. The site automatically updates […]

MY LIFE AS A WHITE TRASH ZOMBIE by Diana Rowland – Review

I’m just going to put this out there from the start. I hate zombies. I find it a dry and overdone trope. I try to avoid anything with zombies as a rule because it just makes my eyes cross. They neither scare nor intrigue me. I just am not a fan of zombies.  That being […]

#onemillionwords 2021 Week 2

Let’s talk trying to get words down while one’s country is extremely some, well, problems. Doomscrolling is a thing. A very bad but very strong factor in procrastinating for me it seems. For those who don’t know what doomscrolling is, let me explain. Doomscrolling is when something bad happened or is about to or even, […]

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