Editorial Services

Whether you decide to publish your book through traditional or selfpub, we’re here to help make your story stand out.

Developmental Editing

.01¢ per word

From start to finish. Developmental editing is the process of identifying specific places of concern within a manuscript that could include but are not limited to: dialogue, pacing, overall plot, and character development.

Line Editing

.008¢ per word

2nd draft and beyond. Line editing is a deep dive into each and every sentence of a manuscript with a focus on improving the language and style of the text. This includes suggestions to rewrite sentences/paragraphs, reorganizing passages, as well insuring the tone is consistent throughout.


.006¢ per word

Final pass. Proofreading is the final readthrough for any errors before the book is published or sent submitted to a publisher. The text is checked for typographical and formatting errors such as chapter titles, page numbers, and e-book page flow when applicable.

Manuscript Critique

.005¢ per word

Still not sure if the manuscript ready to be sent into the world? A manuscript critique is perfect for that. It’s a complete evaluation of characters, plot, and pacing. Manuscript critiques come with an editorial letter outlining both strengths and weaknesses with a chapter-by-chapter commentary. Manuscript critique does not look for sentence structures, grammatical errors, or even formatting errors. The manuscript critique is purely looking at the manuscript from a consumer perspective with a critical eye.

Query Letter Critique

$20 per letter

The book is ready to be pitched but writing a query letter to get noticed can be hard. Query letter critiques help tweak the letter so that it can stand out. A well written query letters increase an author’s chance of hearing back, getting a full manuscript request, and even being picked up by a literary agent.

Consult Call

$75/first hour, $50 for each additional hour

Think you you wrote yourself into a corner? Can’t figure how to flesh out a character? Or just lost the plot of the story? Just need someone to help you brainstorm instead of problem solve? Or how questions about the publishing industry as a whole? Should you go the tradition publishing route or self-publish? Sounds like a consult call with our editor might just be the thing for you. Slots are available Monday-Friday 1pm-6pm EST. Calls are via Zoom or Discord as either just an audio call or a video and audio call. Clients choice.

General Notes

  • All first time clients will receive a free sample edit of the first five pages of their manuscript or first page of any work shorter than 20k words.
  • Prices are based on total word count at time of submission.
  • A 25% deposit is due once the contract has been signed.
  • Payment plans are available as we strive to not break any author’s banks.
  • Minimum fee for all services (excluding query letter critiques) is $25 regardless of word count.
  • Any projects that total $50 or less will be charged in full at the start.
  • Rushes are available for most orders. Let us know at the start. Rush fee is $25 per 10k words for all editing services. Manuscript critiques is $20 per 10k and query letter critiques is $5 per letter.
  • Turnaround time is on average 2 weeks but will depend on word count.
  • Free consultations, two hours in length, to discuss what is best for your project are included with each edit.
  • Packages are available. Inquire below!
  • If you don’t think you can afford any of these services but do need them, please don’t hesitate to message us. We’re always willing to work with our clients and find the best possible solution for both parties.

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No matter how many passes can be done to a singular project, there will still be errors. The generally accepted ‘mistake rate’ is between 1-10 per every 1,000 words. There are books out there that have been published for 10+ years that readers still find errors in.

We can not guarantee the success of any given project or that you will be picked up by an agent or a publishing house. Both are very dependent on current market and completely out of our hands. We are here to improve your story and help it get noticed as best we can.