Guest Post Guidelines

VeL’s official blog is now accepting guest blog posts! 

Our blog is dedicated to everything creative; whether that be promoting a multitude of authors to current pop culture. VeL is a neutral publisher who’s looking to help creative individuals ranging from authors to game designers. We work and showcase everyone from indies to industry professionals. Our goal is to showcase two guest posts a month so we can promote as many different types of voice as we can. If our calendar fills up fast we’ll add 1-2 more per month for the remainder of the year (2021).

Unfortunately, since we’re such a small company we are not able to pay as of now but hope to in the future.

What Type of Content We’re Looking For:

  • Articles about the writing process
  • Gaming; tabletop or other
  • Book reviews, especially those from indie, BIPOC, and/or queer authors
  • Promoting your own projects
  • Recipes
  • Binge-worthy TV shows

Thought of something really cool that isn’t on the list but you think our readers would still like? Submit it!

Length should be between 500-2000 words. The sweet spot is 1500 from what we noticed. If the piece or you are expecting the piece to be longer, please consider breaking it down into a series.

VeL does not accept blogs that are previously published or sponsored.

How to Submit:

Email us at with “Guest Blog” in the subject line followed by the title or subject matter. Response back is generally 5-7 business days.

Please also include a 100-200 word bio about who you are, what you do, and/or anything you are particularly into at the moment. Please also attach any images you’d like within the story. We try to post 1-3 per post if applicable. These can be from Shutterfly or a similar service as long as they were posted for commercial use. One of the images should be a headshot or another image that you feel represents you and your brand. You are welcome to include any and all related links to the article or yourself; website, social media, etc.

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